The Way of the Bow


Kyudo, the Way of the Bow, is one of the oldest arts of the Japanese tradition of contemplative warriorship. The aim is not the target, but synchronization of awareness and body in the present moment.

Seiko (Sacred Tiger) Kyudojo is based at Karme Choling, a Shambhala Meditation Center in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Our school, Heki-ryu Bishu Chikurin-ha, was brought to North America in 1980 by Kanjuro Shibata Sendai XX (1921-2013) at the request of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Kanjuro Shibata XXI, who resides in Kyoto, is the head of the Chikurin-ha branch of the Heki-ryu school. 

We practice with open-heart gratitude to all practitioners in our lineage and others who have devoted their lives to sincere practice and the continuation of the spirit of kyudo.

 One is not polishing one's shooting style or technique, but the mind.
– Kanjuro Shibata XX
Through Kyudo one can learn to live beyond hope and fear, how to be. 
– Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche