Solo Kyudo Retreats

Seiko Kyudojo welcomes kyudo practitioners to deepen their personal practice and enjoy the beautiful setting of the Azuchi in a self-guided retreat among the Karmê Chöling community.

Prerequisites for doing an independent solo kyudo retreat are:

  • You must be an intermediate or advanced kyudo practitioner

  • Established ongoing kyudo practice

  • The ability and discipline to do a self-directed practice retreat

Schedule, Practice Environment, and Amenities
The schedule of an solo retreat must contain a daily kyudo practice component. The staff meditation rooms are open to retreatants, who are also welcome to participate in daily practice hours of the staff. Meals are shared with the staff in the dining room. Retreatants are asked to join in dish washing or other chores once a day.

Karmê Chöling primarily hosts meditation retreats with a constant ebb and flow of guests to the steady heartbeat of change between quiet and lively atmospheres.

Program sessions and teachings are not open to in-house retreatants.

We offer:

  • An environment that is conducive to deep meditation practice, reconnecting with human nature and the beauty of the outdoors.

  • The friendly support of the resident staff

  • A meeting with a kyudo instructor upon request

  • The use of the staff meditation room with times of group practice and solitary practice

  • Beautiful grounds with hiking trails and an organic vegetable garden

  • A library on topics of meditation and Buddhism

  • Space for physical exercises like yoga or qigong

  • Good healthy food

Pricing and Reservations
The daily rate for solo retreat is $30 plus accommodation fees.
Rental of class equipment is available at $10 per day.

To schedule your solo retreat, please email Seiko Kyudojo or call (802) 274-8769. Inquire if your kyudojo would like to schedule a group practice retreat.

For accommodation inquiries please email Registration or call (802) 633-2384 ext. 103.